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Amazing WORKSHOP on the 15th of February at 16 till 18 o’clock

« Goddess Umai and the Power of Lineage » with Hereditary Shamaness Celine our famous special guest✨

🌈We will have a very special & relaxing meeting, in which we will meet the Healer Celine, a shaman, a woman of power, a master of Tibetan healing. This meeting will change your life for the better once and for all and give answers to life’s most important questions!✨

When women come together, a healing and nurturing energy is created. At this special evening in the space of love and relaxation, we will perform ancient and sacred rituals and feminine practices to connect with our sacred feminine energy. 🙏🏼💖

We will perform the Field of Love prayer for our ancestors, loved ones and the whole country.

Invite your (female) friends to this meeting. This will multiply the effectiveness of this program for you personally. 💖

What to bring

– Photos of your dearest ones, who you would like to pray for. (Please bring copies, not original ones)

– White (light coloured clothes, comfortable loose clothes for moving freely, best is to wear a skirt)

– Snacks and water for yourself

– Notebook and pen

– Your own drum (if you already have one)

English speaking only!

It is on a donation basis, with an indication of 18 euros.